A Few Website Design Techniques Which Might Be Harming Your Website

Designing a good and attractive website is art as well as science. It will require an artistic endeavor, visualization through a user’s perspective and most importantly, great technical know-how to convert that visualized design to palpable creativity. The absolute worst thing that can happen to a company is copying another firm’s website Boston design and implementing it as their own. If this is repeated amongst other different companies as well, it will lead to a large group of very inadequately designed sites. It does not suffice basic requirement for user experience. This website will be termed as low ranking in SEO valuations. Thereby resulting in a poor traffic and a low website ranking in the ranking of the search engine there are some techniques for web design which should always be avoided or carefully chosen as they can be diminishing the SEO valuation or harming the website.

Making Use Of Tables In Your Site Layout

The use of table in a website page layout will make the page very complicated and less understandable, as several layout tables designs uses so many table attributes like nested tables, rowspan and colspan. Although designing these tables can be considered easy, their maintenance is very tough. Therefore, make sure that your web design company Boston avoids the use of tables in your site.

Infinite Scrolling

The use of scrolling is one very popular website design Boston which is in frequent use amongst a lot of websites. It isn’t to be used in every site. The use of this technique will heavily depend on what the goals and the needs of the site are. If the websites goal is to continuously stream content and the structure of the content is flat, it could be very useful. However, supposing that the websites goal is to help visitors in locating a certain task or to compare different choices, it might hurt the user’s experience. In a particular task accomplishment, site visitors will find the grouped content much interesting. The user will feel overwhelmed with the amount of information which is provided through scrolling down a never-ending page.

Lazy Loading

Lazy loading is when a page takes too long to give you the information you need. Lazy loading will not allow the images or content to load unless the visitors interact with the part of that page. This content or image will then not be indexed by the spiders thereby not being able to load the remaining parts of the page. The only part to be indexed will be the visible image or content. Having your SEO Company Boston constantly update your site with new and improved technology will help to avoid this issue.

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